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SRS Software Systems

is a company "Where Technology Meets Demand"

We provide Website Design and Development, which is compliant with all devices. We are also developing a website builder tool in the name of "Thuani Dai Ha ERP" which can be used by any layman for making their website. It has strong features for making all kind of forms required.

We provide all kind of Business Logic development like:

  • SEO(Search Engine Optimization) & Digital Marketting : We provide service for search engine optimization in order to highlight your company which can further be converted into more sales and hence growth of your company.
  • CRM(Customer Relationship Management System) : It is a system where service industry keeps track of customer, their leads, complaints, sales and their resolutions. It is very useful system which can help you improve your service, which in turn increases your sale. All formats of report can be produced which can help analyse the company performance.
  • ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) : It is a system where you can organise all company data like accounts, finance, sales, purchase, service, employee,etc.
  • POS(Point of Sale) : It is a system where you can have features like scanning product using barcode reader and generate the bill. It can be embedded with an ERP and make a system which can be placed in mall. It is a very light-weight web based system, where no special hardware is needed. You can implement this product on a simple computer, with a touch screen, barcode reader, cash register and receipt printer.
  • SCM(Supply Chain Management) : This system is very useful in tracking the record of the material used in manufacturing. It helps you to optimize the usage of the raw material, giving you the exact figure required for production. BOM is the base of this system. It can help you increase your production and maintain the quality of the product.
  • Custom Software Development : We have the resource and ability to develop all kind of the IT requirement, which can give boost to your business.
  • Domain and hosting purchase & Setup : We also do consultation for your domain and hosting requirement. We analyse your requirements and give you the perfect plan and name which can help your organization in cost cutting and optimal usage of the space.
  • Database Administration : We have good resources for database handling for SQL and NoSQL kind of queries. We are expert in writing optimal queries, optimizing the database, maintaing the data integrity and keep your database server upto date. We are also expert in MongoDB which is a nosql database which can help your organization store the data in more dynamic way. MongoDB database follows no structure like SQL kind of database. We also provide services for Big Data.
  • Linux Server Setup & Administration : We provide linux services for all kind server setup, security implementation, open stack configuration, virtual machine configuration, etc. We are expert in shell scripting.
  • AMC : We also take all sorts annual maintenance contract for your existing infrastructure and software setup in order to maintain its integrity.
  • Open Source Development : We work on various open source technology like
    • PHP
    • Python
    • MySQL
    • MongoDB
    • PostgreSQL
    • JQuery
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JavaScript
    • Hadoop

Make us your IT partner and forget all your IT worries.